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Me and My Peeps

Pictures from the Austin Children's and YA Happy Hour last Wednesday (captions below the photo):


Don Tate and Mark Mitchell


Madeline Smoot, Greg Leitich Smith, Carmen Oliver, PJ Hoover and PJ's husband, Riley


Jerry Wermund, Frances Hill (Yansky), Jane Peddicord


Lindsey Lane, Debbie Gonzales, Mark Mitchell


Shana Burg and Anne Bustard


Crystal (my wife, aka Mrs. V), Roger (Jo Whittemore's loyal husband), and Jo.


Me and Margo Rabb (photo courtesy of Alison Dellenbaugh's blog).

Who says you have to live in LA or NY to have a kick-ass kid-lit community?

Check out more photos at PJ Hoover's blog and Alison Dellenbaugh's blog